Texting with my biggest temptation(manwhore series)

Ahhh…this sucks….

I manage to make through class without making a sound…..

The days goes by quickly and I get home, thats when my phone vibrates…

and guess who its from…Shane….

Hey sexi, ily petyon
Nov 12, 6:32p.m

Thats just nice….
I quickly text back
hey babe…lol..sexay shane…ily2
Nov 12, 6:23p.m

He texts back…
Haha yay so watcha doin? my moms draggin me to a play in dc ugh
November 12, 6:25pm

Then me again..
haha 4 u..iv never really seen a play..i wann go see one just 4 the heck of it..i prolly going to take a shower right so me:)
November 12,6:26pm

haha ya ik. well i wish i ud. i realy do. we sud go to a movie w/other ppl. Bailey, Lark, and Kieren etc
Nov 12, 6:41pm

well,itd kinda be a couple thing, u and bailey, kieren and lark, and id kinda feel like the 5th wheel, its fine tho, u guys have fun:)
Nov 12, 6:46pm

No we want u there ull b my cuple


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