“I just had to go to the bathroom.â€?


It was one of the twins, Lucy, I thought.

“Well, what are you doing out here?â€?

“Seeing who was scratching at my door.â€?

“Oh, sorry about that.â€?

“It’s okay.â€?

“Do you know what time it is?â€?

“Yeah, it’s… 3:27.â€?

“Thanks.” Her response was a little specific. “You should go back to bed.â€?

“You too, do you remember your room?â€?

Again with the underestimation! “Yes, I do.â€?

“Well, you sounded pretty confused.â€?

Sounded? Had I said anything that could make me sound confused?

“Don’t worry about it. Goodnight.â€? She walked back into her room.

I wondered how she’d practically answered my question, one that I hadn’t even said out loud. “Don’t worry about it,â€? she’d said, but I hadn’t asked her anything out loud, had I?

I shrugged and took her advice. I wouldn’t worry about it now; I had enough to think about at the moment.

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