Roger's Last Day Part 6

He ran into everybody that was in his way, even knocking down a couple of them. His shoes made a rapid pit-pat sound on the marble floor. His heart was a machine gun. People crowded the entrance but Roger only sped up. He did the impossible and made it through everyone, leaving some of them crawling on the floor wondering what had just hit them.

“Daddy’s coming, daddy’s coming,” he struggled to speak through his tears as he neared the entrance of the lonely alley where he had left them. “I’ll jump in the van, kiss you all, and we’ll leave this city for good.” Roger saw the van. He could barely see Linda in the passenger seat, the windshield reflected the sky. He ran to her door and looked at his beautiful wife and wonderful kids…..and then he saw the blood, their blood.

The employees had Carrington surrounded as they waited for the cops to arrive. He laughed at them. “Oh well,” he thought to himself. “I have money. I’ll be out in a few hours. Roger and his family are dead.”

To Be Continued…

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