King of the Universe. And me.

Strangely enough, everyone sustained their interest in me, except you. As pleasant as our times together were, they were also fleeting. So that way it was appropriate that I met (or rather, was going to meet) you.

So there we are, moving towards each other. I, watching you unflinchingly, and you, unaware of my presence (or my significance-boo hoo!), looking this way and that.


Our heads knock against each other, as I put your head down in a last-ditch attempt to save face, and you bend down to pick up something you dropped.

We both straighten up, rubbing our heads vigourously. You blink. I continue to gaze at you, with that starry look in my eyes, the look that charmed so many before you. You stare as something stirs vaguely in your mind.

Then recognition dawns.

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