Seattle's Grunge on a Sunday

Amber lounged on her bed in her purple silk nightie, smoking a cigarette and humming along with the Grunge playlist on her iPod. Typical Seattle Sunday, sunny after raining creating a nasty glare on the dark black streets.

Just as Kurt Cobain began to string the cords to “Lithium”, her cell phone began to sing “Man of the Hour”, by Pearl Jam. What a combination.
“Hey, Sweetie!”
“Hey, Babygirl, I’m sorry I’m not going to make it back to Washington tonight, the flight got cancelled.” Flights to Seattle, Washington always seem to be delayed or cancelled. Amber wouldn’t know, but her fiancee would.

“I could have told you that. Give me a fucking break, I mean I know we haven’t had sex in awhile, what with me planning the whole fucking wedding myself but seriously, what the fuck is your problem?”
“Look its not like that you-” he got cut off, just then by a woman giggling and taking the phone.

“The Man of the Hour is busy right now, don’t call him, he’ll call you.”


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