Roger's Last Day Part 7

Carrington gave another chuckle. The truth was, he did have the money to make a man kill his own mother for it. Corruption was a beautiful thing to him, but not as beautiful as the money that caused it. He would do anything for it. The world was his and no one was going to bring him down.

There was a “ding” behind the employees. Everyone, including Carrington, looked. “It’s the cops,” someone said. The elevator doors opened. The floor was so silent the jazz music playing in the elevator reached everyone. It was not the cops they were looking at, it was a man.

“Move aside,” the man ordered. Everyone cleared his path. Carrington stood at the end. “He’s supposed to be dead,” Carrington thought, taking a step back. “You took innocent people’s lives…and you took my family from me, Carrington,” Roger said. “I have nothing to lose…except…you.”

Roger sprinted, flung himself at Carrington, and they flew through the large window panel that gave everyone on that floor a view of the whole city.

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