We're --No..Im getting higher everytime that we love..(manwhore series)

I texting back again..
i will..but again.. i don’t know which group to sign up4

My phone quickly vibrated in response..
think..ull c wen u c the lists

me again…trying to make myself say im leaving..
mmm..okay..oh ya..i just remeberd..bailey told me to sign in her group

ok do den

who else is in ur it less then 10?

um Delaney….Tristan…..Katy and ya i think so

Why couldn’t he just ask me to be in his group…so much frustration..

I typed into my phone.
thas l ike 5 people..okay..gtg..cya 2morrow:)

kk ily alot bi

oh ya..he had to end it like that…

Lyrics kept popping in my head..
Nothin feels right when im not wit you….then i lay…with nothing but your t-shirt on…


Well…lets just see what happens tomorrow…literally a death trap for my emotions..

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