pt. 9 absence

Why? Why did she waist her time with that jackass? He’s pulling her leg and she doesn’t deserve it? Frustration filled my chest as I watched Anna hop into the hummer. She looked at me as if to say ‘sorry’ and the hummer sped off. I stood there, alone. I sighed to myself and hopped on my skateboard, tomorrow is another day. I rode home in silence.
The next day the bell rang for biology. I looked over at the empty seat next to me. Where could she be? Maybe she’s just late. I glanced at the clock over and over, but Anna never showed up. A small spark of panic streamed through me, thinking what if she was hurt. Logic hushed the feeling, I’m sure she’s fine. The bell rang and Biology was over, no sign of Anna. Where is she?
I stood up and walked out of class, for once wishing Biology class would last a little longer.

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