Every Women Wants a Man like This

“Wow” his fiancĂ© said when he took off her blindfold to show her their new house he had just bought as a suprise. He walked her through the house that he had fallen in love with, the house he bought and had saved for for ten years. The house he decorated, and covered with rose petals just hours before he brought her here. He welcomed her to the library that he filled with her favorite books. A hand made closet specially designed for shoes and purses resided leaving no room for him. He now only used drawers. But he was ok with this. He would give up anything for her. anything.
“And this, this is my favorite part of it all.” He took his hands off of her eyes to revel a stunning view of their driveway. Two simple gravel lines running through their own personal forest.
“Wow” she said
He smiled then turned to kiss her. Never was there a more perfect moment in time in my life but here and…
“What the FUCK where you thinking?! Who the HELL is going to rake all these GODDAMNED leaves up?!” she screamed.

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