Two Sides

I sighed heavily in relief, kneeling down to the floor to help Cricket up.

“Where do we go?”

Lin smiled slyly, waving her hand in a gesture that beckoned us to follow.

As we walked out the door, she locked it behind her while Cricket and I stared in wonder.

“Well, you don’t want him out of the room, do you?” Lin asked, pocketing the heavy steel key before dashing down the hallway.

Cricket could barely walk, and it looked like the poor guy was falling asleep.

“You can lean on me,” I said quietly to him, making sure he heard me.

The invitation seemed accepted, because he sagged against me tiredly, eyelids slowly shutting.

I continued to walk in Lin’s tracks until we came to a large mahogany door. Lin pushed it open as if it were the easiest thing in the world.

The door creaked open, blinding me temporarily with sparkling sunlight.

I could make out a silhouette against the blaring luminescence.

“Your Master will help you scale the wall.”

I felt myself being pushed outside.

“Take care.”


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