The Night At His Graveyard

I thanked the bus driver and hopped off. I wrapped my arms tighter around myself, chilled by the evening air. I turned, and looked up at the sky. Twilight.
It was time.
I walked up the dirt road, staring at my feet. I remember the first time I did this; I quickly assed myself. Was I scared? I giggled quietly; what a stupid thought. Of all that has happened, to be scared of him? No. I wasn’t afraid. I walked faster.
As I approached the gates of the darkened graveyard, I felt a breeze suddenly pick up. “Jasper,â€? I whispered, “Jasper, love, are you there?â€? I felt a breath on my neck. I quickly got my answer. “My time tonight is limited, Madison. But let us not waste another moment.â€? He leaned in and kissed me. I sighed, content. How different this all was. A tear slid down my cheek; I wiped it away before he could notice. “I miss you, every moment of every day.â€? He nodded, his hand on my cheek. â€? As do I.â€? The moon rose. He groaned. “Goodbye, Madison. My love.â€? he disapeared into the night sky.
Time’s Up.

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