Ficlet Challenge! Essie Miracle returns!

Hey! I’m loving this site so much…and I’ve decided to make up another challenge. Here it is.

For those of you who have read my story on titled “Residing Dreams” you know about Essie Miracle, the main character in the series.

Now I challenge you, after reading about Essie, to write a random ficlet about her. It can consist of anything, as long as it clearly has to do with Essie Miracle.

The ficlet can portray any realization, situation, event, occurance, circumstance, etc. It just has to be relevant to Essie, or anything else that has to do with “Residing Dreams.”

If you haven’t already read “Residing Dreams” then I encourage you to check it out. One tag for it is residing dreams.
If you have any feedback on it, then don’t hold back! Even if it’s constructive critisism, it will still ultimately help to make it a better story.

So, get ready, set, write! Happy ficleting.
And long live Essie Miracle!

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