What Could Go Wrong?

She stopped, half-obscured by the door. “I’m not going anywhere, really.”
“But we need you!” I cried in dismay. Then, lowering my voice, I whispered pathetically, “I need you.”
She smiled rather sadly. “Did you forget that I’m one of the ‘most wanted’?”
“Did you remember I happen to have a price on my head as well?” I gave her one of my look of defiance.
“I know this area inside and out. I’ll be able to find you.”
“But… but how will you know…?”
She threw me one of her knowing glances with a smirk on her face.
“You know I have my ways of knowing things, Xiaoli.”
I knew as well as she that she did have her ways.
I nodded finally. “Alright. I’m trusting you.”
“Don’t worry, I’ll catch up.” A happy bubble began to well up in me, but it rapidly deflated when she added, “What could go wrong?”

What could go wrong?

A plan for an old master, a nearly-snapped NYPD officer, & a girl with a price on her head to elude capture for a bounty, going awry?

It could go wrong.

Horridly, horridly wrong.

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