front covre

I stand there on
the platform waiting.

The blaring lights
bounce off the tiled
walls as the train
comes to a screeching

I stand there on
the platform waiting.

It was not long ago
that poor Jennie,
decided to take a
little adventure.

“Oh, i’ll be back
in a month or two.”

Well that month
or two and turned

“i’m coming

endless waiting.

But this time would
be different she was
told. This time for real.

The passenger anxiously
departed the station
and searched for their
loved ones.

My eyes darted through
the exiting passengers~

How could i be so stupid.
Of course you weren’t coming
you never did.

As i turned to leave, my
eye caught on a scrap
of newspaper flying
around the station.

It landed pressed against
the wall, there you were.

On the front cover.

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