Pt 10: Something

Emmett and I skipped first period and hid out behind the gym but I was wishing for Cameron.

“We need to talk.â€? He hissed. He placed a big hand on each of my shoulders, pinning me back.

“Do you have to do that for us to talk? Let go.â€? I whispered viciously, eyes narrowing.

“What? Did you forget about our agreement or something? I did something for you and you gotta do something for me.â€?

“This isn’t the something I had in mind.â€?

“Unless of course you want me to tell the whole school what I did for you. No one would expect you to—â€?

“Okay!â€? I cut him off. “I get it but no one’s around us. You can let go of me. And I’m still mad at you. So you’re pushing it.â€?

“Why you mad, baby?â€? he kissed my lips once and then again.

Dammit. His lips are so … sweet. No, no, no.

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