Pt 11: The Point

“What the hell was your problem yesterday?!” I screamed in Emmett’s face. “You didn’t have to hurt me in front of all those people. My face is still swollen.â€? I didn’t have the freedom to move my hands to show him so I was glaring intensely.

“I know, baby.â€? he kissed me again. Ugh, stop it! Stop trying to make up with your kisses. That hurts worse. “But its all about keeping face.â€?

“Emmett, when you dropped me off at home, I had to make up some excuse for my mom! Don’t ever make me do that to her again! As a matter of fact, don’t you ever fucking hit me again!â€?

“No promises. I already do what I can for you.â€? he stared at me, trying to get the point across. Yes, I understood. Okay?

I snorted and rolled my eyes though. “Can we just get to class? I already missed Bio.â€?

“That was part of the point.â€? he snapped before walking away from me.

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