The Storm Breaks

As lightning slashed the sky above them, Hector fled through the dark alley, dragging Rosa along behind him by the hand.

“Stop!” Rosa said, trying in vain to plant her feet against Hector’s desperate plight. “There is no need to run.”

Hector’s eyes flashed as he sneaked a look back at the lights downtown, then turned his frown on Rosa. “That was your husband!” he said in a hoarse whisper. “He saw us.” He turned back to the alley. “He knows!”

Rosa yanked her arm free of Hector’s grip, stopping him in his tracks. “We need to go to him,” she said calmly.

“Go to him? A man like your husband will not be … forgiving.”

“But we have to try. It is too late to run.” She tipped her chin at the windows above them along the alley.

Hector followed Rosa’s gaze. Round and sneering faces coalesced in the dark windows.

“He owns this city, and everyone in it,” Rosa continued quietly. “Our only hope is to try to make it back to him …”

Eyes appeared in the window next to them. And a blade.

”... before it’s too late.”

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