Some Will Seek Forgiveness, Others Escape(manwhore series)

Today’s Geography again..and I get to see ……


I approach my locker and as soon as I shut it, I see Aydan standing right behind it.
“OH..hey Aydan.”
He smiley a wide adorable, he shook his head to get his bronze hair out of his face..

His eyes were so mesmorizing…

”......and ya so I was just wondering if you wanted to go the movies with me…”

“Yes….I’d like that…”

He flashed another smile at me.

“Okay, thats awesome, I’ll pick you up at 8, okay?

“Ya, that’d be awesome.” I feel so happy…

As we Im turning to head to class with Aydan, I bump into Shane.

“Um..hey shane..whats up? I ask

“Hey babe, I just overheard you and Aydan talking about going to the movies..Do you mind if me and Bailey tag along?

Aydan cringed back a little…must be the babe part…

I looked at both of them…

“Uh….umm..sure…I guess….”I managed to get out..

“Great, I’ll see you there” Shane quickly replied.

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