A boy brushed red living in black and white(manwhore series)

I try to ignore his glare and try to focus on my sketch..its’ just a graffiti type of says Quiet! but it’s really heard to see the defined shapes..

Aydan slides a note across the desk, he leans closely so I can smell the cinnamony, spicy cologne..

Hey…Whatcha drawin??Aren’t you having fun in class?:)..

I let out a soft chuckle and quickly scribble back on the paper..

nothing…just drawin again..if your having so much fun..why don’t you pay attention?=)

I pass the note back and I see him read it and a smile starts to play across his face..his cheeks turn a little now..mine are way redder than his…

Can i see it?

I write back agaijn
I don’t show anyone what I draw..

mmm..well, Im an exception..right?
I look at his response and ponder..what the heck…

well..okay..only because YOU think your special..

I pass the note on top of my sketchbook and slide it..
His eyes get big with either dismay or shock.

A moment suspended in time..

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