pt. 12 confrontation

I looked around the lunch room and spotted Anna sitting with her friend Heather at a table. They were discussing something, I could read from the distance Anna was troubled. I had to talk to her. I approached the table, holding my tray.
“Anna, can I talk to you for a sec.?”
She looked at me, and then glanced at Heather as if you say ‘excuse us’. Heather said to Anna ‘I’ll call you later.’ and left. I sat down close to Anna.
“Why weren’t you in Bio?” I asked.
She sat in silence as if to say none of your business.
“I need to talk to you.” I said, my tone serious.
“About what?” Anna said, avoiding eye contact with me, she drank from her soda.
“I’m worried about you. Emmett hit you once, I know he has before and will again. It’s not fair.”
Anna cut me off “Don’t assume you know everything about me and Emmett when you’re brand new here, you don’t know anything.” Anger was in her voice, but not exactly directed towards me.
“Anna, I-”
“Listen Cameron, You’re a nice guy, but I have to go.” I’m sorry.”

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