Pt 13.5: Be Strong

I glared at him, contemplating my options. “When you tell about me does that include what you did?â€?

Emmett paused for a moment and then he laughed out loud obnoxiously. “Course not! Why would I say something like that about myself?! You must be getting sick.â€? The hand holding mine down moved to my forehead. This was my only chance. Take it. Take it.

I just couldn’t though, I couldn’t even bring myself to shove Emmett off me. Tears were gathering in my eyes now. “You should include the part about you because it’s all true. You ra—â€? His fingers squeezed around my throat and I gasped, closing my eyes tightly. “Please … stop. Emmett … please.”

He released me and I slid down to the floor, holding my neck. I could practically feel the indent from his fingers and I knew my face was red and blotchy.

“We agreed never to say it out loud, didn’t we?” He cooed, “What makes you think you can say it now, huh?â€? He nudged me once before leaving me alone, crying.

If only I was as strong as Cameron seemed.

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