It's Not Monsters Under the Bed...

My mother is always telling me to clean my room. I hate her nagging, but I hate cleaning my room even more. To my mother’s dismay, my way of cleaning my room is to shove everything underneath my mattress. It is something of a joke in my family. Whenever someone in my family loses something, the others always say, “Well, anything can be found under Mary’s bed!”. Well, one day not too long ago, my math homework went missing. Naturally, the first place I looked was under my bed. It took forever. I had to drag all of my dusty, dirty clothes and books and papers out onto my floor. I wasn’t even half way through my trash, when from under my bed I heard a polite cough. I looked underneath. I was looking into the huge brown eye of a white horse!
“Actually, I’m a unicorn, if you don’t mind,” it said. It took me a moment to register that it had read my mind.
“What are you doing under my bed?” I exclaimed.
“I’m afraid I’m a tad lost,” said the unicorn. “Do you know how to get to Miami?”

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