“Mom, I’m home,” irritated Leslie shouted as she slammed the front door shut.
“Mom?” Leslie shouted into the clearly empty house. Maybe she left a note Leslie hopefully thought. She searched the whole house, all sides of the fridge looking for a note explaining her mom’s absence. You better have a good explination for not picking me up: I had to walk all the way home! she thought. No note.
“Hmmm…” Leslie pondered aloud. Nothing bad happened…no….it couldn’t have! She probably just went to pick up Kyle and forgot to call me…ya…that’s probably what happened… Leslie was desperate. She decided to call her mom.
“6..4..1…2..5..0..4” she said her mom’s phone number to herself. It rang and rang and no one answered. Okay…maybe she’s in a doctor’s appointment and turned her phone off…ya. She called again. No answer. She was running out of excuses and getting worried fast. I think I’ll go over to the neighbor’s house…just to be safe

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