When the sun sleeps.(Manwhore series)

His eyes are glued to the sketchbook..he looks through every single one because he knows this chance will never come again..

mm..brains and beauty…

I can’t be mad at him..
“Wow..your amazing” He whispers as he slides the sketchbook along with the note back.

“Yes..she is…” It was another voice…Shane’s.

“ha..well thanks guys.” I quickly say so there is no awkward silence.

Aydan’s smile fades away but Shane seems to enjoy this and wears his grin proudly. He then goes back to flirting with Bailey.

I grab my pencil and start to write something to cheer Aydan up..

Hey..I can’t wait to go to the movies, did you have any in mind?

I slide it and his smile comes back to eyes light up.

He grasps his pencil and writes back.

Well, no..but I’ll figure it the meantime..let’s get to know each other, k?

I respond back
Okay then..what do you want to know?But rememeber tomorrow’s my turn to ask, okay?
I quickly glance at Mr.Craigorry and pass the note..

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