Casting Thin Shadows(Manwhore series)

I looked over carefully over everything I wrote and was satisfied with it. I passed the note back and then glanced at the clock..5 more minutes and then it was time to go. Mr. Craiggory came to our table so Aydan had to put the note away.he gave me a smile to indicate he would examine my note very thoroughly..

The bell rang and we all gathered our books and headed to next block.

Aydan waited for me at the door and showed me the note.
I smiled and headed to my locker with him
Since my locker broke I had to get new one at the end, and since Aydan came a month after school started, my locker was right next to his.

“So….” He started
“So…..”I teased
“So, I’ll see you on Friday”
“Ya, I guess you will, come on, we’re going to be late for next block..” I had almost every class with Aydan…

“Okay then..lets go”
We closed our lockers and headed to Gym.

“Hey Peyton” Shane came up from behind me.
“Oh, hey Shane…”
“Hey Shane.” Aydan formally said.
“Wow, somebody killed the mood.”Shane.ugh

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