If you could see into my soul(Manwhore series)

When it was time to dress out, Aydan’s cheeks were pink and he had sweat on his kinda looks…hot…

As we head inside, Aydan gives me a playful high five and say,”Woah..your cheeks are so red!”

“Well, they do that a lot…” I blushed.

“I think it looks nice, You’re the kind of girl who doesn’t need make up to look pretty..” Aydan said sweetly.

“Awww..thanks..that’s really sweet of you, but Im not the type of girl who even likes make up.” I said

“Well, you don’t need it, I mean if I was a girl, I’d wouldn’t want to be your friend, you know ..steal all the guys..”

I laughed,”Mmm..I glad your not a girl, I like talking to you.”

He replied,”Aren’t we lucky I’m not.”

The day went by fast with Aydan, we never ran out of something to say, and Im the type of person that doesn’t talk a lot, so I was mostly listening.

I got home and just crashed on the bed and plugged in my ipod. I just couldn’t live with out it. I started listening to your call by secondhand serenade..

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