You're ever so inviting(Manwhore series)

I fell asleep soundly listening to my ipod until a sudden vibration in my pocket woke me up. It was a new text message, from Aydan.(!!!)

hey, wassup,
my favorite color is now brown my the way. I dont really play sports, my favorite book is the catcher and the rye, my favorite band is silverstein, I don’t have a favorite song, my favorite memory is of me and my sister hanging out at the beach one day, my stupid fear is rejection, my favorite movie is forest gump..i teared,i don’t know how i would describe myself, my best friend’s name is Julian. My birthday is Valentines day. My favorite holiday is Halloween. Im okay with parties, I watch anything thats on, ive tried a relationship once,i dont care where i go, as long as Im with someone, i play the piano, miley cyrus bugs me, and my favorite number is 23. Well, that’s it…hope I answered any potential questions for when its your turn to ask

I digested everything in and typed back

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