The Neighbor

“Ding dong,” the doorbell rang. There was no answer so Leslie rang it again.
“Oh, hi Leslie,” her neighbor hastilly answered. She was acting kind of suspicious, looking all around her like she had something to hide… “Ummm…Karli’s at a friend house right now. Sorry,” she told Leslie.
“Actually, Mrs. Harper, I came because my mom is gone and…” “You came to look for her? I haven’t seen her.” she cut her off. “Actually…I was wondering if I could come in because I’m a little bit scared, she didn’t answer her cell phone. “Well…ummm…I was actually…just going to the mall,” she obviously came up with an excuse for why I couldn’t enter. And creepiest of all, she was still doing that weird, suspicious, look-all-around-her thing…but Leslie wasn’t about to question her…”Ok. I guess I’ll just go over to Ms. Lewis’ house.” Leslie sadly answered. Before she even finished her sentence, her neighbor shut the door in her face.
“Well, that was weird!” she said aloud to herself.

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