Her Many Eyes

Her bloodshot eyes weren’t from booze, though she had
polished off an entire bottle of Kendall Jackson chardonnay
last Thursday evening. And her teary eyes weren’t from
sorrow or joy. She really didn’t feel much of anything now
that she was involved with another man. The smile she gave
her husband was a thin disguise for the guilt that she

Yes they were rich – but that didn’t matter much to her
now. No, now that she had money, she had closed her
eyes to what used to be important – her family. That very fact
gave her eyes a glazed look – not from boredom, but from
the baggage she carried from marrying an older man whom
she did not love. Her eyes were open, but she couldn’t
see a thing.

She made herself a drink and walked over the balcony.
This big house was so lonely at night when Jim was
away. But it was lonely when he was here too… Her life was a
lot like that 70’s song – Lying Eyes by the Eagles. She
poured out the drink, closed her eyes, and went to sleep
beside her black persian cat.

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