“Just leave her BEHIND !” the woman shouted as I started swimming to the bank.

“I CAN ’T. She has too much information… we either kill her, or we keep her with us.”

That sounded like something 007 would say. Something like, I could tell you, but I’d have to kill you.. The thought almost made me laugh.

I grabbed onto a rock, pulling myself out of the strong current. The water licked at my feet, begging for me to go back in.

I leaped to the sandy bank, rolling once, then running to where I last saw her..

While taking the path would be obvious, they wouldn’t expect for me to do something so stupid. Maybe it would be better.

Don’t take the path, the voice ordered me.

“Shut up!” I screamed, forgetting about my pursuers.

Okay, then take the path.

Do you know how confusing it is to not even know what they were aiming for you to do? A trap was set, I knew, but I didn’t know where, or how… There were no other options but the forest or the path, were there?

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