Roger's Last Day Part 1

Roger had had enough, he grabbed Mr. Carrington by his collar with both hands and told him, “Listen, you stupid fuck, you better start growing a fucking clit on your forehead because I don’t like dicks like you!â€? Mr. Carrington’s ridiculous grin was gone. Everyone in the office cheered and applauded. Roger loosened his grip on Carrington and allowed his heels to touch the floor. Mr. Carrington never imagined that one of his employees would ever stand up to him let alone find out about his illegal business practices within the company.

Roger disappeared behind the closing elevator doors leaving everyone else to deal with Carrington.

He had emailed everyone the evidence. Heads popped up from cubicles and Carrington burst from his office – his face a tomato, giving everyone a fake smile. He saw Roger and stomped his way toward him. “Roger, I know you’re new and desperately trying to get a promotion, but lying about me will certainly not help,â€? he said. “I have done nothing wrong.â€?

To be continued…

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