Memories That Should Be Forgotten

I wish I could run around with all of my neighbors, even though most of them are only 5 or 6. But I can never be the same that I was before. I was carefree and full of joy. I didn’t feel anything could knock down my euphoria of complete happiness.

That is, until that night.

I was innocently walking home from work that night. You know, trying to earn enough money to go to college, the usual. It was freezing outside; I recall wrapping my coat tighter around my body to keep the warmth in.

Then…I felt a hand on my shoulder….

NO!!! NO!!! I screamed in my head. I covered my ears, thinking that’ll stop the memory from coming back to haunt me. I rocked back and forth, almost in tears from a measly memory.

I managed to compose myself and just focused on watching the game of kickball going on, paying attention to all the laughter. I gauffed and pulled my hood over my face.

I bet if they were raped they wouldn’t be laughing either.

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