Care Free

The little boy, whose age was only 6. Such a young tender age which usually is a care free age, where your loved and protected. He sat in his room playing with his teddy bear, the only thing that ever provided him love, affection or comfort. His mother left, and his father is a raging achoalic. Such an innocent child. Then the footsteps are heard, the boy instinctively takes his bear and hides under his bead. The bruises on his face aren’t visible in the shadows. The father bangs on the door in a drunken fury. The ghostly figure appears in the room, asking that the little boy be not afraid of his presence. The little boy simply asked that daddy would be in soon and give him boo-boo’s.
“You don’t deserve this.” said the figure.
With that he outreached his hand towards the little boy, who came out from under the bed and took his hand. The banging grew louder. The figure motioned his finger over his lips, the little boy giggled, and they were gone to somewhere where the boy could truely be care free.

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