Your sword vs. my dagger

My heart just burst..he was just so…real..and I liked him …only as a friend…”cough cough”

Julian headed to the boys locker room and I reluctantly headed to mine. I wasn’t the best at sports..ok..fine..I was athletically challenged…...

As we dressed out, I noticed a bunch of girls staring at looked in the mirror for anything on my face, smelled myself, and made sure my shirt was tucked in right..

It was all fine..I finally figured out what was wrong when Juliana’s best friend, Mcclain approached me and asked..”So, Kira..what’s going on between you and’s not like you’re gonna get him…Juliana’s got him all wrapped around her you better back off” she said the last part with mean glare.

I just kept silent.I didn’t know what else to say without provoking her..

“Hey back off” A voice said..It was Claire..Juliana’s other best friend.

Fire with fire..

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