Just Maybe

Although, maybe there’s be a glimmer of hope.
Just maybe.
There’s this one person who just catches my eye. A redhead. She greets me in the halls and in classes and such, but it’s not just shallow friendliness. There’s this sincerety in her dark eyes.
Teams were being picked for a game of some sort. She was picked well before me. I thought I was going to be rejected again.
But my ears perked as I heard her tell the “captain,” “What about that guy? Why don’t you pick him next?”
“Why him?”
She shrugged. “Why not?”
The first time I was ever picked before being the last resort.
She’s asked to be my lab partner a few times.
There’s just a deep sincerety about her.

If it’s shallow friendliness, to turn cold, so be it.

But even in my mind, I like to try to think that it isn’t.

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