The Jewel: Part IV

He heard small footsteps behind him. They were moving quickly, but they made hardly a sound. The man spared a glance behind him, just in time to see Cameron gliding toward him, the smile still spread on his face. The boy leaped toward his father, and the man spread his arms. Not being able to resist any longer, he let a smile flood his face.

Cameron fell into the man’s arms. He buried his face in the man’s chest and murmured, “I love you Papa.â€? The man found himself crying, and the boy looked up at his father. He reached his small, soft fingers out to wipe a tear away. “Don’t cry, Papa. I’m here,â€? he said softly, a hint of fright in his voice.

The man laughed through his tears, “I know you are,â€? he smiled, “And I love you.â€?

Cameron’s face broke out in a huge smile. “Papa!â€? he cried, “I was flying, Papa!â€?

The man’s forehead creased as a frown entered his features once more. “I saw you,â€? he murmured.

The boy let go of his father, and the man let his arms fall, even though he didn’t want to let go yet.

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