How's This For Wrong?

I steadied myself for the long road ahead.

I knew this estate was large humongous.

Cricket’s weight didn’t help at all, but I was not about to complain about it.

He was alive and well. That’s pretty much all that mattered.

And Master…well, Master was the same as always. Never helping out, that is.

He was walking steadily ahead of us, not even stopping to give a backwards glance at poor Xiaoli, who was currently carrying more than she could handle!

Suddenly, Master threw a look over his shoulder, eyes narrowed.

”’I can’t carry this’ is what you’re thinking.”

Instead of replying (which I had a good mind to) I kept going.

We soon came to a large garden. Fountains and statues arose from everywhere; the sculptures’ eyes, which were missing pupils, stared at us and unnerved me terribly.

“Xiaoli! Duck!”

On instinct, I threw myself to the ground, swearing when I realized I had taken Cricket with me.

A foot crashed down only an inch away from my nose.

I looked up to see a statue staring down at me.

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