Breathing in a new mentality(manwhore series)

Practice was over and I gathered my ball and water bottle and headed to my mom’s car. I felt so…bouncy? I don’t know if that was the right word.I cranked up the radio really loud, let down my hair and just stuck my head near the window with the hair blowing my hair back across my face.

I got home and took a shower and crashed back on my bed. I remembered that I had to wake up early for the field trip tomorrow…damn..I checked my phone and noticed I had 6 unread messages. 1 from Aydan and the rest from other friends about random stuff.

Adyan: So corny huh?
I typed back, yes, srry, I shud hve been brn in another cntury:P

He texted back :lol.i dont know what i’d do wthout u tho

I sat there in complete aww, and texted him back saying I got to do my homework and go to sleep early today for the field trip.

The next morning I got up and fixed my hair and changed into skinney jean, a white cami with a green aeropostale sweater over it.

My dad drove me to school and I went to my group

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