Moving for the sake of motion

Well..this was going to be…difficult..

I just walked on and kept my eyes to the ground and then suddnely out of no where comes Claire.

“Hey” She says.
I don’t know what she’s doing talking to me. She sso…confident and coordinated and really pretty. She has perfect blond hair with natural highlights of brown in them.
She has big brown eyes and rosy lips.

“Hey”I reply half heartedly.

“So, I know McClain’s being a bitch and all but don’t let her get to you.. She thinks shes just looking out for Juliana but I think she likes Julian to…

mm..Juliana..Julian…wow…just noticed…

Nothing she said brought me up…i was just moving for the sake of motion..

She was very understanding and let me be but still talked to me. Claire was a really cool person. We played soccer…well..I tried to play..the point was to make a goal in teams of 2 against the goalie…claire did all the scoring..passing..dribbling…everything..

It was finally time my humiliation could be over..time to go..

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