Tastes Like Cheese

My mouth hung open for a few seconds.
“You act like you’ve never seen a unicorn before,” the unicorn grumbled, maneuvering its way out from under my bed. “Oh, wait, you haven’t. My mistake.”
“Mary!” my mother called. “What’s making that ruckus? You sound like you’re moving furniture!”
“Um…I’m trying to do a really hard yoga move,” I lied, pulling harder on the unicorn’s front legs.
The unicorn whinnied. “Are you trying to dislocate my leg?” it asked, nearly kicking me in the face.
“Who are you talking to?” my mother called again.
“Radio!” I called, groaning with the effort. Then, finally, with a loud, sucking POP like a boot coming out of mud, the unicorn came out from under my bed and stood up.
“Nice flat,” it said, surveying my room.
“Um, thanks,” I said. “Uh, maybe you’d better get going…”
“I just arrived!” the unicorn said gleefully, pulling the 7th Harry Potter book off my shelf with its teeth.
“Tastes like cheese,” it said, drooling on the cover.

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