Seeing Red (Serial Killer Challenge)

Sad scarlet Os dotted the surface. An unwavering deep red, like a satin curtain in a dark room. Slowly shifting and writhing with each popping “oh… oh.” Silent spirits seeking vengeance were the only witnesses as Jack’s sleek pate broke the surface of the indoor swimming pool. A thuggish brow. Piercing eyes. Broken nose. Immaculate smile.

Even as the blood oozed down his skin in rivulets, Jack kept his smile. His high school superlative was greatest smile, and Jack wore it like a sign. It made ladies swoon and instantly plied strangers into buddies. Perfect teeth. But nobody knew what he used them for… not for long anyway.

He stood waist high in his private pool of blood, beaming like a boy on Christmas. For Jack, it was Christmas. Just not for the owner of the misshapen chunk of leg floating gently in front of him.

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