Writer's Block and an Ethanol Chevy

“Way to go, writer’s block. Once again you’ve left me with a blank page.” Josephine Laniver stared at her paper. The world-class writer of 2018 was the only one left that even used pen and paper. The 24-year-old was fresh out of college and already had 3 books out. Not to mention she was on a deadline for her newest one. But she had nothing after chapter four. She stood up and walked outside, looking around. Not much has changed since I was 13, she thought. She took her cabbie hat off, letting a helmet of auburn curls come down around her face, framing her hazel eyes almost as if she was something in a Fairy Tale. She hopped in her Ethanol-powered Chevy and chugged along to her friend’s house, humming to Relient K.

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