The Only Survivor Was Miraculously Unharmed(manwhore series)

IT was Shane. My heart started beating louder..and faster

Relax, if you don’t have any feelings for him, you shouldn’t be spazzing out..

Truth was, I never spazzed out, I had weird reactions to things..I took everything too…calmly..

Shane’s text said

hey bord..the field trip ws so gay..i can’t believe me nd bailey ot in hair looked nce 2day:)

MMM …of course he had to write a complement…I don’t handle them to well..why couldn’t he just think I was ugly like the rest of the student male population….wait that came out wrong…never mind..

I texted back Shane and wrote
well..i liked it, esp the first one, the house of usher nd thx
I tried to make it sound as distant as possible…

And the Aydan texted back..It kinda numbed the feelings I was having…
Aydan: u honestly wnt 2 know y its brwn?..well actually it hazel..

Of course I do..

yes,I wud lke tht.nt unles u don’t wnt to tell me

It’s the color of your eyes..

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