Love at the Dojo

Her heart was racing, her cheeks were flushed as she slowly opened the door to the dojo.

She saw his face through the flurry of black fabric. Her heart stopped as he noticed her watching him and smiled. That was the smile that invaded her nightmares and made them dreams. That was the smile that pulled her out of her darkest moments.

Breathless she sat down, urging her cheeks to turn back to their usual color.

“Ok guys, line up,” sensei commanded. She knew what was coming. Sensei was going to use the love of her life to demonstrate some rather painful karate technique. Great, she thought as she prepared to watch him get flung about the room. Constantly worrying that some part of him was going to get broken.

She worried even though he had told her it was actually fun for him. She thought of this as she sat there and watched his body swinging at odd angles. That can’t be safe, she thought, her eyebrows coming together.

He was on the floor, their eyes met, he smiled, she knew it would be ok.

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