Too bright to see, too loud to hear(manwhore fav so far:P)

That was the..the..the..the most sweetest most adorable thing anyone has said to me..

I didn’t know how to respond to him..there were so many words I could say to many things I wanted to do…so I made it simple..

you’re making it really hard for me to not feel like kissing your right now…

I ran it over and over in my head before I sent last..what the it..

It’s only been a couple weeks and I feel so strongly…I should go a little slower and enjoy the ride.

I hit send ..finally..smiling to myself..imagining my guilty pleasure..

I waited for a response so..intently..I was holding my cell in a tight was insane.

Then it…hallelujah..vibrated..

I was to nervous to open scared of…rejection…so scared that one of us couldn’t commit….so ….thrilled..adrenaline rush…

My cheeks started to get red and I could hear my heart beating out of my chest. My cheeks got so warm ..and..and..
What the hell..I can’t take it..right?

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