The Night

The five families were crammed into our cellar. As night fell we all wondered if the thing that hid behind the wall would stay there or come for us under the cover of darkness.

No one wanted to voice their fears outloud but we were all thinking the same thing. How long would it be untill whatever it was out there figured it could cross the wall.

I tried to sleep but the idea of closing my eyes and opening them to a sight more depressing than this terrified me. Papa held me close telling me not to worry, that it would all be ok. I tried to trust in his words as I had done before but it was hard. It was hard to trust in words he himself was not sure of.

And so the night past slowly. Some of the smaller kids with us were able to fall asleep but the adults stayed up. Passing fearful and apprehensive glances. Always on edge, listening for the slightest sound.

After what seemed like forever, the sun finally rose. We had made it through the first night and now faced a new day of fear and worry.

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