When she was good, She was really very good...(serial killer challenge)

I really can’t wait until I grow up… my game will probably get harder as I get bigger. Being a harmless looking child has a few advantages. It helps when I go “fishing”. That’s what I call it.Fishing.

My little hobby started on accident. The nasty old man that lived next door to us had me climb on his lap one time when I was about six. Mama was passed out drunk on the couch, he had brought her some “special punch”. He tried to touch me somewhere…bad…I didn’t think at all, I just grabbed a pencil and jammed it in his eye.

It took me forever to wake mama up. When the cops came, they almost took her away. I had to explain to them it was an accident and the drunk old man fell on the pencil.

Since then I don’t go anywhere without something nice and pointy in my pocket. It’s been five years since I started “fishing”. I just sit somewhere lonely and pretend to cry. If it’s more than one weak looking guy I run like heck. If it’s just one nasty old man, well, I have a special sharp present for nasty old men.

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