Cynthia Avenged.

Night was made even blacker under the tall pine tree next to Mr. Sacket’s driveway. I was ready for the showdown with that asshole, Sacket. I was invisible in my black clothing. I wore latex gloves, and had black trash bags tied firmly around my forarms to protect from blood spatter.

Finally at 10:50 pm he pulled into his driveway. I closed my eyes against the headlight glare, then bent down and picked up the short handled hatchet.

I moved up on the car until I was less than ten feet from the drivers door. Sacket climbed out of the car, then bend back in to retrieve something from the passengers side. He stood up holding a briefcase in come hand and juggling keys in his other.

I moved.

One, two, three steps. He must have heard something , and started to turn toward me. With all my strength I brought down the hatchet and buried it in Sackets head. He crumpled where he’s stood.

“That’s for turning Cynthia into a whore,” I said softly.

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