Attach your lips to my soul, eat this sorrow away(manwhore series)

“First kiss? No way, Peyton, your awesome at it…experienced is another word..” He teased.

“Ha, thanks..I’ll keep that in’re not so bad yourself..” I spoke.

He just stared at me I was the most beautiful person in the world. I looked at myself and noticed all I was wearing were baggy gray sweatpants and a cami.

“Don’t look great” He reassured me.

“Thanks” I smiled at him, I then remembered that my parents were sleeping so I asked him to come outside with me instead..well, actually there was a park behind my house so we made our escape through the window.

I was trying to supress giggles as we made our way down.

Then we linked hands and headed to the park. We sat down in the grass and kept a grip on each other’s hands. I placed my other arm over his chest and looked at him..and just closed my eyes to make sure I wasn’t dreaming..

“What are you’re not going ot fall asleep on me are you?” He joked.

“No, I was making sure this wasn’t a dream”

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