Beneath the moonlight (easy/irony challenge)

With a final yell, she drove the stake through the creatures heart, hearing the crunch of protective bone covering surrounding it. The vampire shrieked. She jumped away just in time as it burst into flames, burning for just a few minutes then dying out as soon as it began. She glared at the pile of smoldering ashes as the wind blew the foul stench her way. It smelled of burning flesh, old blood and death.

She had been chasing this one for months. He was single handedly responsible for the deaths of thirty or so families in the Chicago area. She shook her had in disgust and cleaned the pointed silver weapon, replacing it in her coat. She loved being a slayer. She took out a worn piece of paper, a list of the creatures still left to kill.

She grinned, her oversized fangs glinting in the moon light…the next on the list was an old friend. Her sire, the vampire who had injected his venom into her to make one as well. She was excited for this challenge.

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